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What I Learned About “Publishing”

It has been one week since Meredith Moriak wrote an article about the eBook I put together and placed on  Well, have I learned a great deal from “publishing” my first eBook.  I have written an eBook on my year as a school teacher. I never intended to put it out for public consumption, […]

Midland – Reporter Telegram Article

If you are arriving here as a result of the article in the MRT thank you for dropping by.  I appreciate it and encourage you to look around.  If you are wondering what the heck I am talking about, here is the link to the article in the MRT about my eBook.  Meredith did a […]

School’s Out for Summer!

  Yes indeed school is out for summer, and not a day too soon if you ask me.  I thought this was a very long year indeed.  Some of was great, some was not so great!  But all-in-all the year was good!  Here are some of the highlights and some lowlights too: Our school finished […]

My Theory on Teaching

So I have this theory on teaching. It goes along with the calendar to a large degree. Have you ever wondered why teachers complain so much, but come back to teaching year-after-year?  I am the worst offender.  I complain and think about other things to do (and I still am) but here I am every […]

                      The final countdown is on!  We have nine days of school left and I am ready.  The problem is that I gave my students a huge project and I have to grade all of this work.  What was I thinking?  I mean, I gave […]

A Thought About Respect, or Lack Thereof

You know there are days when I wonder what in the heck am I wasting my time for?  I teach school for a living, yes I draw my food money from this job.  And contrary to what one principal told me, I wouldn’t do it for free.  But I also feel a “calling” to teach […]

If We Can’t Expel Them, Then What Do We Do With Them?

I had the honor of subbing for one of our assistant principals yesterday at my Junior High.  I am still exhausted.  You talk about a job where you have to be all things to all people, this is it!  Sometimes our AP’s (assistant principals) have to be out and it is best to have someone […]

Horrific Losses

This week in Midland, Texas we had two suicides of young teen age girls.  It is tragedy beyond words.  One was sixteen and the other was 14 I think.  So many reasons not to do this: Too young, Too much in front of them, Too much to live for, Too much they don’t know to […]

A Waste of Time

When I was a kid I never liked to do anything that wasn’t “fun” and my students are no different.  But I also didn’t like feeling  as if I was wasting my time, doing something that had no real meaning.  Okay I did watch Gilligan’s Island, but come on, who didn’t back in the seventies? […]

Teachers Graded, Students Motivated?

                        The big idea today in education seems to be that we need to tie teacher pay and evaluation to student test scores.  I used to be a big fan of this.  I remember when I thought this was how you should do it. […]