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Asian Baseball is Tough

Check this out! If you umpire here, you need to wear your plate gear all the time!

Bobby V Gets Ejected and a Piece of Gum Gets “Ejected”

Gary Darling, who is an excellent umpire, has a very close play at first base.  In the argument Valentine gets ejected and Gary loses his gum.  Close play, and bummer for Gary, hope he had another piece. Your browser does not support iframes.  

Umpire Bob Davidson Gets Suspended

I spend ten years in Minor League baseball with a “cup of coffee” in the big leagues, and I can tell you umpiring is tough. Not only that, Charlie Manuel is no peach of a guy. I’m not sure if Bob should have gotten suspended, but I know Charlie should have. A cheap thing to […]

Umpire Gets Hit and “Beered”

Your browser does not support iframes. I am all for passion, but you cannot throw a helmet at a umpire, Lawrie will and should be suspended for a while.

Jose Offerman is out of Baseball

Jose Offerman was not the easiest guy to work with while in the major and minor leagues here in the states. I umpired many games in which Offerman played, and while he was never as serious a threat as he seems to be now, he was always difficult to deal with each night. It seems […]