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Holy Week

This is a very special week for Christians.  It is the beginning of Holy Week.  But what is Holy Week?  I came across a succinct explanation, I thought I would share it here: The Journey through Holy Week Taken from Holy Week is the time that we, as the church, commemorate, reflect upon, and reenact […]

Dr. Carson Speaks at Prayer Breakfast

What if we actually put these “ideas” into place? What would our country look like? I think yes, do it! What do you think? Until next time, peace.


Perhaps you have seen this video, but if not here it is.  I love the message!  

Preaching From Afar

I was scheduled to preach as part of the youth service this past Sunday.  But I found myself stuck in Houston as we were not able to get a flight home.  We fly standby because our son gets us flight benefits by way of his job at United.  The downside of flying standby is sometimes […]

Is American Church Dying?

Well we have the day off today because of heavy rain here in the Midland, Texas area. I know, I know, we are kind of wimpy here, if it rains or snows we don’t go out. But in our defense, we don’t get much of either. So  am trying to make the most of my […]

How To Handle Cell Phones

Well this is one way to handle the cell phone “issue” in church.  Not sure if it is exactly “Seeker Friendly” but it may be worth a try.    

Muslims More Religious than Christians?

I just read blog post by Dr. Jim Dennison of, excellent by the way. He states that Muslims attend mosque at a rate four times greater than Christians attend church on Sunday. In other words, mosques have four times the number of attendees than churches have on Sunday. Do we wonder why Islam is […]

Interested in a Book Club?

I love to read, do you? If so maybe we can start a book club this summer. I think a great place to start would be with how our churches are doing in God’s eyes, a big topic to be sure. Here is a book I would like to begin with: Leaving Ruin. Click the […]