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The Value of Fathers

This was given to me by my friend, Ward Anderson, who along with myself is an Area Director for Man in the Mirror ministries.  It is worth the read. The Inherent, irreplaceable value of fathers Published June 17, 2012 On Father’s Day people tend to become sentimental and writers reflect on their own dads […]

I Lost my Brother

I was hiking on a mountain with my wife in far West Texas in Ft. Davis.  Cell service is sketchy there but my sister finally found me.  She called my wife and when my wife turned to give the phone to me I knew something was wrong.  The voice on the other end was that […]

Chad’s Obitiuary

Chad Eric Freese died on September 23, 2017, he was forty-four years old.  He was born on January 23, 1973 in Stoughton, Wisconsin.  He was the third of four children born to Richard Wesley Freese and Sharon Kay Freese. Chad moved to Corona, California and then to Aurora, Colorado before settling in Tempe, Arizona.  Chad […]

Happy Birthday to my Cinco De Mayo wife!

Happy Birthday honey! I can’t believe that this is your *&^% birthday and the anniversary of our first day back in 1988.  Seems like yesterday and a long time ago – all at the same time.  I am so glad you decided to marry me!  I know I didn’t get off to a good start […]

Home School – We Are Doing It!

My son is in high school and does not fit the typical high schooler.  He just did not do well in the traditional high school setting (studies are finding this to be true for a growing number of students). Now to be fair the high school he was attending is not very good.  In fact, […]

C.H.A.M.P.S., So Long Tom Clancy, a Great Trip

A Podcast from TTIT C.H.A.M.P.S., A Guy Trip, Tom Clancy Dies, A Man for all and a Movie Marathon on  TTIT 031: Todd’s a little under the weather Boys went to Dallas to see the Broncos beat (barely) the Dallas Cowboys Girls have a “Girls” weekend We are hosting a Tom Clancy movie Marathon after […]

Broncos Win, ASU loses, But I am the Big Winner!

A Perfect Weekend! What a great weekend.  I took my boys to Dallas for two football games: ASU versus Notre Dame and the Denver Broncos versus the Dallas Cowboys.  It was great.  ASU is my wife’s alma mater and the school of my buddy who met us in Dallas, Chris, he used to work there. […]

Spring Break Day One

          We got on the road this morning headed for Lake Brownwood for some camping.  We didn’t get left until around noon, but we did make it in time to arrive at Brownwood before 5, which was when the park closed.  The trip was interesting, I had some issues with my […]