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Merry Christmas To You!

Dear Friends and Family, I am writing this the weekend I heard about the shootings inConnecticutso am writing with a heavy heart.  I have not been as affected by anything since 9-11.  The evil with which this man acted is beyond my ability to comprehend.  I have been talking with my students at church and […]

Guadalupe River Park

Here are some of the photos I took last week at Guadalupe State Park.  I went to a training seminar and decided to take my wife and daughter along, so we went camping.  The park is beautiful, check it out.  

Illinois Trip This Summer

My youngest daughter joined by wife and myself this summer as we ventured to the homeland: Illinois.  We had a blast.  Here are some of the photos from our trip. We visited my cousin’s winery, A farm, My old family farm, Galena, Pictures in St. Louis, Lincoln’s home in Springfield, a state park in Missouri […]

Six Year Old Drama

                  Some days it is difficult to be a teacher. Some days it is difficult to be a parent.  Then there are those days where it is especially hard to be both.  Today was one of those days.  I have a six year old little girl who […]

The Hershey Home in Pearl City, Illinois

This summer Melissa and I had the opportunity to visit my Granny in Illinois. We made a trip over to visit some family, The Hershey’s.  What a treat, they showed us around their farm which included a winery, pond and a “playhouse” that was absolutely fabulous.  Enjoy.

Does Grandma Have a New House?

Yes she does and it is great. Last week my wife and I flew up to see my 85 year-old Grandmother who lives by herself in Lena, Illinois. We had not been up there in a while and decided it was time. She had built a new addition since we last visited and I decided […]

Clean Up Day

              Oh my gosh!!!  I feel like I am on an edition of Hoarders!  We are cleaning up my son and daughter’s room and it is CLUTTERED! How does a 15 year old and a six year old get so much stuff?  I am working with my wife, but I […]

Goodbye Arizona

This is my dog, Arizona, a German Shepherd that I owned for twelve years, almost twelve years, and Bentley resting on top of her.  Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision I can ever remember having to make.  I had to have her put down.  It was absolutely heart-breaking.  But she had gotten to […]

Tori and Daddy at Palo Duro

I forgot to post this, but we went to Palo Duro Canyon during spring break and had a blast. We went on a long hike, here is some of the video. Tori and myself almost got run over, but it was so much fun.

Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

That is the title of the old Johnny Cash song,Sunday Morning Comin’ Down, I love that song.  It reminds me of my youth when my dad would sing along when it played on the radio.  I miss those days with my dad, him and I on a Sunday playing golf, going for a drive or […]