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Is Bad Behavior Excused in Sports?

Did you see the latest from the NFL?  The Pittsburgh Steelers coach, Mike Tomlin, was standing on the field and “accidentally” got the in the way of a runner from Baltimore.  Is this behavior okay?  I say it is cheating and is a further indication that anything goes in 2013 America. What do you say? […]

C.H.A.M.P.S., So Long Tom Clancy, a Great Trip

A Podcast from TTIT C.H.A.M.P.S., A Guy Trip, Tom Clancy Dies, A Man for all and a Movie Marathon on  TTIT 031: Todd’s a little under the weather Boys went to Dallas to see the Broncos beat (barely) the Dallas Cowboys Girls have a “Girls” weekend We are hosting a Tom Clancy movie Marathon after […]

Football and Theology

Yesterday a local church brought Tim Tebow to our local town to sit and visit.  I am a huge Denver Bronco fan and of course was rooting for Tim Tebow.  I love his Christian witness and how he is so vocal about his faith.  So I was so looking forward to his visit.  The venue […]