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Nine Principles to Live By

If you have never read anything by Jim Rohn, STOP NOW and read something of his.  Too busy?  Then just read this blog, these are nine of his principles to live by. Here are what I consider to be the principles that we must commit to if we are to leave the legacy we desire: […]

Plan Weekly and Be More Productive

This year has been a hectic year.  It is only to get worse!  I have the following occurring in this year alone: Son getting married (this week) Daughter getting married 25th Wedding anniversary I turn 50 I am starting a new Part-Time Job I am trying to start a new service at church I am […]

I’m Back, Energy Drainers, Goodbye Tom Clancy and Countdown to 50 on PU 026

A Podcast from Purposeful U I’m back and we are counting down to my 50th birthday, why should you care?  Listen to PU 026 to find out why. A New Podcast – Finally Tom Clancy passes – so sad Todd reintroduces himself Energy Drainer Worksheet – Tolerations Money, Health and Physical Health Goals to get to […]

2012 – July – Illinois Land (18)

2012 – July – Illinois Land (18), a photo by todd.freese on Flickr. I just got home from a trip to the “farm” or more precisely my home town of Freeport, Il. My wife and I traveled to Chicago by air and then rented a car and went to visit my Grandma in Lena, Il. […]

90 Days to Change

If you haven’t had a chance watch the video post I made yesterday, September 26, check it out.  It talks about my frustrations and hopes for the next 90 days. I had originally planned on a 30 plan of success, but as I thought about it I realized that for change that may be life […]


What are goals? I once said that dreams are merely goals not written down. How true that is! If you have a dream but fail to put them on paper and give them legs and a time line, then your dream will most likely, go unfilled. But the power of putting it down on paper […]

My Goals

In the above post I talked about how and why we set goals.  How can one talk about goal setting if they do not practice what they preach, so here are my goals for the summer.  I have several other goals, but these are short term, less than a year, goals I have set for […]