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Chimpanzee, Tori and Me

I took my little girl to see this Tim Allen narrated movie. Tori and I had fun, but the movie was, long, even though it was short. Check out the trailer.

Sunday Morning Comin’ Down

That is the title of the old Johnny Cash song,Sunday Morning Comin’ Down, I love that song.  It reminds me of my youth when my dad would sing along when it played on the radio.  I miss those days with my dad, him and I on a Sunday playing golf, going for a drive or […]

Act of Valor

I took my boys to see Act of Valor last night. We really enjoyed it. The movie is shot using an inexpensive camera which makes it interesting, but even more interesting is the fact that they used Navy Seals, the real thing.

The Way is an Incredible Movie

I watched the movie, The Way over the weekend.  I had heard about the movie from a great podcast I listen to, The Break, I recommend it.  Anyway, I had heard about it sometime last year.  It talks about the historic walk, ” The Way of St. James”.  This is a historic pilgrimage many take […]


I just rented Moneyball on VUDU this weekend and was pleasantly surprised with it. I umpired baseball in the minor leagues for 10 years and ran across Billy Bean during my time on the diamond. I’m sure he doesn’t remember me, but I remember him as being a decent guy (can’t say that about all […]

Movie: Hannah

I am heading to the movies with my munchkins (kids) to check out the movie Hannah.  We decided to do something other than hang around Easter. I miss the days when we always did stuff together.  Those days are long fine as each of my kids have their own activities, at least the older three. […]

Unknown – My Review

TK, my youngest son, and I saw Unknown this afternoon. It was much like what I thought it was going to be with a few surprised thrown in for kicks. I liked the movie because I like that genre, but the more I think about it the more I think you might want to wait […]

Salt and . . . Family

I got home last night and the plan was to run, cook, eat and then get some work done. I really need to get some work done, but when I got home my lovely wife told me my son wanted to know if I was cooking. She said yes and he told her he was […]

True Grit – The Old and the New

I loved John Wayne, he was the super American hero, always doing the right thing.  John was never compromised.  In a world where the boy got the girl and spent the night with her, Wayne was different (except for one movie, can you name it?), he was a throwback. So it was with ambivalence I […]

About Schmidt

Since I have been laid up with recovering from my hernia surgery, I decided to catch up on some of the movies I have been wanting to watch, but just haven’t had time.  This movie, About Schmidt, is a movie I have seen before and was   impressed by, probably because of what I was going through in […]