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Book of Eli

My wife and I saw this movie last weekend with Gene and Betty, our dear friends. We wanted to see, Edge of Darkness, but it was sold out. I am glad we were able to view Book of Eli, it was a good movie. As a Christian who holds the Bible to be not only […]

The Blind Side

My wife and I went and saw a wonderful movie yesterday afternoon, The Blind Side, it was excellent. It tells the true life story of an African-American young man who is left homeless after his mother is evicted due to her drug use. Sandra Bullock plays the mother who is strong-willed and determined. Tim Mcgraw […]

Public Enemies Review

Yesterday my wife and I saw the movie, Public Enemies, starrring Johnny Depp and Christian Bale.  I was eager to see a movie about John Dillinger the 1930’s Public Enemy number one.  I loved Christian Bale in the Batman movie and have come to appreciate Johnny Depp, but . . . I was dissapointed with […]

Movie Day

PUBLIC ENEMIES We are heading out to see the new Johnny Depp movie, Public Enemies. The trailer looks good, will give you the critique when we return. Today is the perfect day for a movie during the summer. It is raining, overcast and dreary, so instead of golf we are heading indoors.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

My boys and me just went and saw the newest Transformers movie, it was spectacular! Check out this trailer and see what you think. We loved it

Our Visit to Mid – Cities

MID CITIES Today we visited a large church, Mid-Cities Community Church,  midway between Odessa and Midland, Texas.  It is a beautiful church, done in old European style.  You enter in through a foyer passing a round statue and sitting area just outside the doors.  You are greeted by several folks (a bit overdone) wishing you […]

Slumdog Millionare a Winner

I just saw this year’s best picture. I wasn’t expecting what I saw, it was excellent. The images of the slums of India are striking! The director does an excellent job of making one feel as if they are there in the slum yourself, it was depressing. I recommend the picture to anyone old enough […]