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My First Half Marathon

My time for each mile this morning at the BloodGusher Half Marathon here in Midland, Texas.  My official time was 1:55:46 Splits  mi Pace (min/mi) Elevation (ft) 1 8:57 12 2 8:49 -2 3 8:51 8 4 8:37 -16 5 8:39 -4 6 8:39 -19 7 8:46 -16 8 8:49 15 9 8:44 -17 10 9:15 33 […]

90 Days to Change

If you haven’t had a chance watch the video post I made yesterday, September 26, check it out.  It talks about my frustrations and hopes for the next 90 days. I had originally planned on a 30 plan of success, but as I thought about it I realized that for change that may be life […]

Physical Activity

I have decided to get back into the gym again. I have been running, stretching and doing some basic push-ups and sit-ups, but there is something about getting back into the gym that does a body, and mind and SOUL good. I have come across many studies that show the mind-body benefit of exercise.  Below […]


What are goals? I once said that dreams are merely goals not written down. How true that is! If you have a dream but fail to put them on paper and give them legs and a time line, then your dream will most likely, go unfilled. But the power of putting it down on paper […]

I’m Going to do it!

Have you ever gotten to a point in your life where the day-to-day just isn’t cutting it? You know what I mean, you live your life, kids, job, spouse, church, that occasional trip and night out, but where is the challenge? Sure, you have some challenges in your job, but honestly, you could “mail it […]