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Youtube Free History Movies

Here is a list of educational movies and documentaries on YouTube, as of May 2014. Most of the PG-13 movies are OK for kids 12+, PG 8+, G for everybody. All of the following films contain little sexual content and little profanity. There may be moderate violence, as of course, this is history. Movies Some […]

Ditch That Textbook Author, Matt Miller, an Email from a Former Student and more all on TTIT 075 Congratulations to us on our 75th show! – The Diamond Jubilee! Todd gets a great email from a former student! Matt Miller Interview Purposeful Marriage is up and running Take our Marriage Course! Become a PATRON! Download […]

TTIT 074 Golf Tournament turns into Truck trouble Does your car have more trouble after you take it in than before? The Denver Broncos are experiencing some – issues. We went to South Llano River State Park The Holiday season is upon us!!! Ugh, Long Division Matt Miller to come speak at school from, Ditch […]

You Can’t Do It All! Watch TV, Read a Book and Ft. Davis Rocks all on TTIT 073

Don’t worry about being caught up as a teacher, just prioritize, watch some TV, read a book and listen to a podcast with 1000 episodes, all on TTIT 073 Missy is melting away as she loses the pounds We celebrated our anniversary in Ft. Davis The girls are having a mother/daughter date with Karen Kingsbury […]

Are We Supposed to Be Successful as Christian? How to be Smarter all on TTIT 072

How to be Smarter and Consumer Christianity all on TTIT 072! A negative comment A school board member who used to be a teacher! Greenwood is a great place according to Missy Undercover Teacher? Use Google forms  How to take notes? First person to email a comment gets a free T-shirt Are we “Consumer Christians”? […]

Summer is Over – TTIT 071

TTIT 070! We went camping – a lot is continued – a lot We saw Grandma The Bourne Movie Pete’s Dragon Wall Drug Show Links Poland Marriage Mission – Link to the Video  My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps TTIT on Facebook Two Teachers in Texas Youtube Channel Visit Todds’ blog and get his take on everything […]

We Went Camping (5000 Miles Worth) – TTIT 070

TTIT 070! We went camping – a lot! We were moved by the beauty of Yellowstone, awed my the majesty of Mt. Rushmore and amused at some of our camping neighbors Show Links Poland Marriage Mission – Link to the Video  My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps TTIT on Facebook Two Teachers in Texas Youtube […]

We Went to Poland! TTIT 069

TTIT 069! School is almost here again, yeah, arrgh! Our summer was so busy! We went to Poland!  We conducted a marriage enrichment event! We had trouble getting to Poland Even ordering water is a challenge for us! Here is my theory on teaching! Show Links Poland Marriage Mission My Book: Teaching Isn’t for Wimps […]