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My Life, I Have A Plan

  I read something the other day about Brad Pitt. Now I don’t advocate his ideology, but he said something intriguing to me.  He was asked why he split up with Jennifer Aniston and what he said in reply piqued my interest.  He said, “I ceased to live an interesting life, nothing I did interested […]

Grandma’s Invitation

My Mother-in-Law sent this to me, I think it is great. Grandma’s Invitation (Priceless) Dear Family, I’m not dead yet. Thanksgiving is still important to me. If being in my Last Will and Testament is important to you, then you might consider being with me for my favorite holiday. Dinner is at 2:00. Not 2:15. Not 2:05. Two. 2:00 […]

We May Have Hope – Podcast from TTIT 048

! We had an administrator listen to our show – listen for what he said . . Too late to Apologize . . . Use Google Drive for all your files We are trying to fix apathy . . . ideas? We must be more positive with our teachers . . . goes a long […]

My Little Girl Helps Me on This Podcast – TTIT 047

I have a guest host who is a 3rd grader and my daughter, she has an unique take on school and we try to solve the discipline problem in my class, our superintendent goes a great job with a suicide and we have some great entertainment for you.   Tori Freese guest hosts with Todd […]

A Podcast from Two Teachers – 045

Wouldn’t it be fun to teach school if you didn’t need the money?  Our Candle Cafe is great and Nikita is a great show on Netflix. School is back in session and the little darlin’s are ready to go What is Labor Day really mean? Nothing changed, still a lot of work, and I don’t mean […]

STAAR Results Are Here

So the STAAR results came out two weeks ago and for my district here in the big oil town of Midland, Texas, they were not very good.  I read an editorial in my hometown paper that stated, “MISD owes explanation for what students are learning in classrooms”.  I agree.  I think we do owe an […]