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Happy Birthday to my Cinco De Mayo wife!

Happy Birthday honey! I can’t believe that this is your *&^% birthday and the anniversary of our first day back in 1988.  Seems like yesterday and a long time ago – all at the same time.  I am so glad you decided to marry me!  I know I didn’t get off to a good start […]

Holy Week

This is a very special week for Christians.  It is the beginning of Holy Week.  But what is Holy Week?  I came across a succinct explanation, I thought I would share it here: The Journey through Holy Week Taken from Holy Week is the time that we, as the church, commemorate, reflect upon, and reenact […]

ALERT: Today Is The Most Important Day of Your Life!

My title sounds great, but I don’t believe it.  But if you talk to our school administrators and politicians they think today is the most important day of your student’s life.  Why? Because today we take some STAAR tests at my school beginning today.  Four hours where you are to prove your worth as a […]

A Podcast from Two Teachers – 038

We are wanted! And Happy Lent (if that is possible) and Ash Wednesday and “Everything is Awesome”! Yes I saw the Lego movie! TTIT 038 Corey has sent us some mail! Motivation and Consequences What is learned helplessness? What is learned apathy? Is it our duty as teachers to work hard as teachers?  To show […]

A Podcast From Two Teachers in Texas – 037

We are marrying off our first son, Ground Hog Day is here and today is a National Holiday Super Bowl Sunday! TTIT 037 Our Son is getting married to the soon to be former, Megan Carney Zite is my new “go to” app on my Ipad and Iphone Swimming Party with 100 other “Indian Princesses” and it was […]

Plan Weekly and Be More Productive

This year has been a hectic year.  It is only to get worse!  I have the following occurring in this year alone: Son getting married (this week) Daughter getting married 25th Wedding anniversary I turn 50 I am starting a new Part-Time Job I am trying to start a new service at church I am […]

Trucks, Kidneys, Netlix and Why is MLK Day a Work Day? – TTIT 036

This is a podcast from TTIT. We have been Podfading, but no longer! Today’s episode finds us using a new term for Podcasts, announcing our Son’s Wedding, brother-in-law gets new kidney, Tons of Entertainment and our Broncos are headed to the SUPER BOWL! TTIT 036 Our Son is getting married We Podfaded! My Brother-in has […]

A Nation at Risk?

    I blogged a couple of days ago and asked the question, “Who is Running the School“?  Here are some more thoughts on the plight of our educational system today. First and foremost the school is designed to teach the students.  It is not designed to be a daycare center, a home for the […]

Podcast from Two Teachers in Texas

 No church last week, school is a mess, we got to watch movies, Frozen and Lincoln and Happy Advent  –  TTIT 035 I preached We had a quiet Thanksgiving, but good To fry or smoke?  Or both? We have had a huge event in our life School is challenging AEP, yuck The movie Frozen is great and […]

Who is Running the School?

Are the Inmates running the Asylum? Imagine being in charge of  people that are less than 15 years old and you have been charged to teach various subjects and to instill in them a sense of integrity, honor, hard work and a love of learning.  Now imagine that you have to do this with 100 […]