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5 Technologies to Try in Classroom

Taken from the Huffington Post Don Waisanen Become a fan 5 Technologies You Should Consider Using in the Classroom Posted: 08/12/2014 3:12 pm EDT Updated: 08/12/2014 3:59 pm EDT Print Article The news this week has been replete with stories about whether or not iPads or similar devices can contribute much to students’ learning. Whatever the answers, what is clear is that online […]

Teaching and Discipline – Oil and Water?

I have a friend who served three tours in Vietnam.  He is an American hero and one brave man.  He was a career soldier and took pride in the Army.  He told me that in the sixties things began to change.  The army began to lower its standards and take young men who would have […]

How to Twitter

Michael Hyatt writes a blog daily (if you haven’t subcribed yet you should) at www.michaelhyatt. His columns are insightful, full of practical ideas of what to do and how. This column, The Beginners Guide to Twitter, was superb. If you have ever wanted to sign up and start Twittering, this is the place to start. […]

Steve Jobs Moving Speech at Stanford

We lost an icon yesterday in Steve Jobs.  He was an incredible visionary who changed viritually every life in the US and the world.  It is rare when someone has the ability to see the future and actually create it.  His passing is a huge loss for all of us, however, his vision will live […]


I just upgraded to a Droid X and I love it! I can’t believe how powerful this thing is, I mean I have gotten so much more done with my phone in the few days since I bought it. I am still learning, but I love this thing! So far my favorite part is the […]

Google Voice is Here!

If you are a techie you probably already are plugged into the new Google Voice, but if not why not? This is an incredible tool that allows you to combine multiple phones into one easy number, record calls, transcribe voice mail and so much more! It is an incredible tool. Try it out by clicking […]