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Pagosa Springs – Vacation

My daughter and Son-in-Law decided to rent a house here for Christmas.  They rented a beautiful home and so Missy and I decided to come and check it out.  I am glad we did! We have one more week of vacation, well I do, before I start my new job.  We are glad we came […]

Go to Yellowstone

When I was a boy my family  took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park. It was one of the highlights of my young life. I was amazed at the beauty.  Yellowstone is even more magnificent as an adult. My wife and me took our ten-year-old daughter Tori, up to this beautiful historic National Park, if […]

Try Something New This Summer

            This comes from the newsletter of Philip Humbert.  I get his weekly tips and love them.  I think he is on to something here.   2.  Welcome NotesHave you learned or tried anything new lately? Over theyears, one of the things Mary and I have done well is tokeep […]


I cannot believe that summer time is almost over! At least it is almost over for me. I teach school and to think that I start back in less than three weeks is incredible. I spent the first week after school working. You see I am a department chair which means that I get to […]