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Teaching History is Difficult

Teaching history can be a very difficult task in today’s environment, EVEN if you are Jerry Seinfield!

Amazing Race – St. Paul’s Style

This was so great, our youth group met and did our version of the Amazing Race. We had three groups of six with an adult. They were given a sealed envelope with clues to get to their next location. Once they arrived they had to text a picture to make sure they were at the […]

Teens in Church

This is excellent look at how and why teens do or don’t go to church. Teen Influences On Church Dropouts View more presentations from David Rudd.

Rock the Desert – 2010

Man was it hot this year at RTD, but no rain!!  We had a blast, check out our video.  I have the pleasure of serving as youth pastor at St. Paul’s Methodist Church in Midland, Texas. Rock The Desert from Todd Freese on Vimeo.

Does Church Need to Change?

This is a newsletter article I wrote for our church, check it out and let me know what YOU think: Recently Pastor Randy gave us statistics that identified only four percent of those around 18 years of age are attending church. Four percent! Wow! Can you imagine if only four percent of those in your […]

Social Media

This was taken from  It is and excellent article on how your kids, and maybe even you communitcate, please let me know what you think after you read it. ____________________________________________________ Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past few years, you’re aware of the rise in popularity of social media with teens. […]

Great Resource

Parent Newsletter Contents Tools for Parenting Teens Learn Their Lingo Links to Learn From A Little Encouragement…And Humor 1. Tools for Parenting Teens From Zoom Out Let’s help our kids to pull back from the moment right in front of them to think about their big “P” purposes as a follower of Christ—no matter […]

Teens in Crises Sermon at St. Paul’s

Today I preached a sermon on the issue of teens in crisis and how the times are changing. It is true that in the 1950s the biggest issues facing teens were much different than those of today. Teens today face a myriad of issues that weren’t even imaginable fifty, forty, thirty or even twenty years […]