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I Lost my Brother

I was hiking on a mountain with my wife in far West Texas in Ft. Davis.  Cell service is sketchy there but my sister finally found me.  She called my wife and when my wife turned to give the phone to me I knew something was wrong.  The voice on the other end was that […]

Horrific Losses

This week in Midland, Texas we had two suicides of young teen age girls.  It is tragedy beyond words.  One was sixteen and the other was 14 I think.  So many reasons not to do this: Too young, Too much in front of them, Too much to live for, Too much they don’t know to […]

Goodbye Arizona

This is my dog, Arizona, a German Shepherd that I owned for twelve years, almost twelve years, and Bentley resting on top of her.  Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision I can ever remember having to make.  I had to have her put down.  It was absolutely heart-breaking.  But she had gotten to […]