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STAAR Results Are Here

So the STAAR results came out two weeks ago and for my district here in the big oil town of Midland, Texas, they were not very good.  I read an editorial in my hometown paper that stated, “MISD owes explanation for what students are learning in classrooms”.  I agree.  I think we do owe an […]

Who is Running the School?

Are the Inmates running the Asylum? Imagine being in charge of  people that are less than 15 years old and you have been charged to teach various subjects and to instill in them a sense of integrity, honor, hard work and a love of learning.  Now imagine that you have to do this with 100 […]

If We Can’t Expel Them, Then What Do We Do With Them?

I had the honor of subbing for one of our assistant principals yesterday at my Junior High.  I am still exhausted.  You talk about a job where you have to be all things to all people, this is it!  Sometimes our AP’s (assistant principals) have to be out and it is best to have someone […]

My Students Agree!

              I blogged two days ago about a commentary by Bill O’Reilly from his hit show, The O’Reilly Factor (click here for that blog) and showed it to my students today to get their take.  I was somewhat surprised at how strong their reaction was.  They watched the clip […]

What we have here, is a total lack of respect for the law!

Watch the latest video at I cannot agree more with Mr. O’Reilly than I do here. I think his Talking Points are right on. If respect for each other and our institutions fail us, then we have chaos. As a public school teacher I see the disintegration of our society beginning in our school […]

What makes a Good Teacher?

          I have been thinking about this lately, what makes a good teacher?  Is it the knowledge they have?  Is it the skill in knowing how many “strategies” they employ?  Is it being well-versed in school policy? Is it being a disciplinarian?  Is is being a funny teacher? Is it being […]

Teaching and Discipline – Oil and Water?

I have a friend who served three tours in Vietnam.  He is an American hero and one brave man.  He was a career soldier and took pride in the Army.  He told me that in the sixties things began to change.  The army began to lower its standards and take young men who would have […]

I Love Teaching, But . . .

Let me start by saying that I love teaching.  Most days the young people I teach are agreeable, teachable and even likable.  I know it is hard to believe that a 12, 13 or 14 year old can be likable, but they are.  At least the students I interact with each day.  I like how […]

Is Education in Trouble? Duh!

Last night I was minding my own business while shopping at Albertsons.  Missy asked me to stop on the way home from church.  I had transferred all of our money into a different account and forgot to tell her. Her card was denied when she went to the store (sorry honey) because her husband is […]