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What do Students Really Want?

                                   What Do Students Want and Need? I recently was visiting with one of my colleagues who did something very powerful.  He asked the students what they wanted from him.  The above picture was one of the responses he […]

First Day of School

                              A New Year Well the first day came and went with little fanfare, rather smooth I think.  We do have 17 new teachers on a campus of around 45 faculty.  That is quite a high percentage of turnover.  Which got […]

In Service is Over – Thank You Lord!

First Day of School Well the last meeting is over (I wish), the last professional development has been taught the the finishing touches are on our rooms and now it is time for our students.  Did I mention how glad I am to be done with these things we call In-Services?  They seem to be […]

Teaching and Discipline – Oil and Water?

I have a friend who served three tours in Vietnam.  He is an American hero and one brave man.  He was a career soldier and took pride in the Army.  He told me that in the sixties things began to change.  The army began to lower its standards and take young men who would have […]

Give Me a Pill, I Teach 7th Grade.

                    Oh my gosh, 7th graders are, well, 7th graders.  No disrespect to my elementary school colleagues, but what happens down at the elementary school level.  Do you do everything for them and expect them to do nothing?  Really, they have to come to Junior High […]