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Ipads and the Classroom

This week I used our new mobile Ipad cart and had mixed success.  I think the kids like the idea of using Ipads and had more fun playing with them than actually using them effectively.  I love my personal Ipad and use it for many things, but it has many more used than our school’s […]

Preaching From Afar

I was scheduled to preach as part of the youth service this past Sunday.  But I found myself stuck in Houston as we were not able to get a flight home.  We fly standby because our son gets us flight benefits by way of his job at United.  The downside of flying standby is sometimes […]

Teaching with an Ipad

  I am a teacher in need of some technology and I just received a new Ipad and it is awesome!  Well I think it is awesome, I haven’t really done that much with it,except download all of my apps.  I will say it works so well, like it is supposed to.  Unlike so many […]