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Day 165

Today we discuss King Jeroboam and love and learn of a remarkable young woman who appeared on the TV show, America’s Got Talent.

Day 34

Jesus commands us to love with all we have and to love everyone. Meanwhile, Moses gets some help.

Day Seventeen

Today’s Readings Genesis 35:1 – 36:43 Matthew 12:1-21 Psalm 15:1-5 Proverbs 3:21-26 Today we read a long genealogy about Jacob and Esau in the Old Testament reading.  I used to think this was the boring and why did God put this into the Bible?  But I realize that our history is important, where we came from […]

Broncos Win, ASU loses, But I am the Big Winner!

A Perfect Weekend! What a great weekend.  I took my boys to Dallas for two football games: ASU versus Notre Dame and the Denver Broncos versus the Dallas Cowboys.  It was great.  ASU is my wife’s alma mater and the school of my buddy who met us in Dallas, Chris, he used to work there. […]

Goodbye Arizona

This is my dog, Arizona, a German Shepherd that I owned for twelve years, almost twelve years, and Bentley resting on top of her.  Yesterday I had to make the hardest decision I can ever remember having to make.  I had to have her put down.  It was absolutely heart-breaking.  But she had gotten to […]