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2018 Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2018! I opted to do a Happy New Year letter this year and wish you a very happy 2018.  The Christmas card is a dying tradition, sadly in my mind, and the New Year letter or card seems to be in vogue.  I just plain ran out of time to write a […]

A Radical Thought

I love Christmas.  I love the preparation, the food, the music, the family time, the parties, the time at church and, of course, the presents.  The presents, especially the presents, I mean that is what the whole day has come down to for virtually all Americans.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist and […]

Teachers, The Break is Over – And Students Too!

This is the beginning of the year, at least for teachers and students.  While the last week may have been the beginning for others, for us in academia, this is day number one.  So I am ready, ready to get rolling on semester number two.  I am also planning on much more blogging, hope you […]