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Go Ahead, Call!

A couple of days ago I posted how it really isn’t much fun to teach any longer.  Meetings, papers, tests, discipline (lack thereof), apathy, disrespect all work together to make my chosen profession challenging.  All professions are challenging I now, but teachers are charged with duties above and beyond what we contracted for, at least […]

. . . I didn’t really quit!

Last week I signed off for the week with to little words: I quit!  I felt like it last week for sure.  However, I am not quitting my job as a teacher (although many days I would sure love to), but I am quitting the urge to say the things that make people feel okay, […]

Your Mom Said What?

        Yesterday we had a special class that dealt with 9-11.  I thought it was a good thing to since it was the 11th anniversary of that awful day.  I gave a talk and then showed pictures and videos from that morning.  Well, some of my parents were not happy.  I talked […]