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Dr. Carson Speaks at Prayer Breakfast

What if we actually put these “ideas” into place? What would our country look like? I think yes, do it! What do you think? Until next time, peace.

“We all Love Teachers”

So I’m watching the debate last night and I heard Mr. Obama say, “We all love teachers” and later, “We have fixed education”.  Really?  Mr. President I would love to know where these two myths exist.  I teach in a district that barely keeps its head above the water when it comes to our state […]

Debate? or Brawl?

Like many of you, I watched last nights debate.  As a social studies teacher it is important to know what the candidates are saying.  Plus, I love politics.  We are holding a mock election on November 6 here at school, so we have been studying the candidates.  I think it has been helpful to my […]