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Why Does Education Run Off the Best?

Last week we lost a talented member of our faculty.  Not to the oil field (I teach in Midland, Texas and the oil field is taking lots of teachers due to the ability to make a lot of money), not to retirement, but to a place where they will feel, appreciated.  They decided to leave a […]

Why Do Teachers Quit?

I have spoken to several teachers in the last few months who are quitting the teaching profession.  I spoke with someone just yesterday who told me they too are leaving.  I have been wondering why?  Why leave a profession that you spent years to get into?  I know many sacrificed money and time to be […]

. . . I didn’t really quit!

Last week I signed off for the week with to little words: I quit!  I felt like it last week for sure.  However, I am not quitting my job as a teacher (although many days I would sure love to), but I am quitting the urge to say the things that make people feel okay, […]