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First Day of School

                              A New Year Well the first day came and went with little fanfare, rather smooth I think.  We do have 17 new teachers on a campus of around 45 faculty.  That is quite a high percentage of turnover.  Which got […]

In Service is Over – Thank You Lord!

First Day of School Well the last meeting is over (I wish), the last professional development has been taught the the finishing touches are on our rooms and now it is time for our students.  Did I mention how glad I am to be done with these things we call In-Services?  They seem to be […]

The Year Begins – Goodbye Summer

The saddest day of the year is here: Convocation.  Not really, but Convocation means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year for all of the teachers here in MISD.  If you are not a teacher or college professor you may wonder what the heck Convocation is too.  It is a pep […]

                      The final countdown is on!  We have nine days of school left and I am ready.  The problem is that I gave my students a huge project and I have to grade all of this work.  What was I thinking?  I mean, I gave […]

Horrific Losses

This week in Midland, Texas we had two suicides of young teen age girls.  It is tragedy beyond words.  One was sixteen and the other was 14 I think.  So many reasons not to do this: Too young, Too much in front of them, Too much to live for, Too much they don’t know to […]

Computers in Every Classroom

                I am sitting in my classroom watching my students work on a project.  They are TOTALLY quiet, even though I said they could visit if they needed to as they were working on a project.  I told them they had to choose a topic from several I […]

STAAR – Aaargh!

We  just finished with the first two days of STAAR testing. I hate it! I don’t like the test itself, but I really don’t like sitting around for four hours watching the kids try to pass these tests. Boring! But beyond that the idea that one day on a year we see how much a child […]

Do We Need All This Work?

              I am grading about 1000 papers this week and over the past weekend (okay, I graded one paper over the weekend, but still I graded) and I have to wonder if what I am giving them matters.  I wonder if they could do as well with less “work”. […]


How true this is for me today. I am so glad it is Friday! Being a teacher, if you do it correctly, is a rather taxing endeavor. I mean you have to plan your lessons outside of class, meet with students outside of class, grade papers outside of class and then have to BE IN […]

My Students Agree!

              I blogged two days ago about a commentary by Bill O’Reilly from his hit show, The O’Reilly Factor (click here for that blog) and showed it to my students today to get their take.  I was somewhat surprised at how strong their reaction was.  They watched the clip […]