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Week One and Done

I made it through the first week and am ready for the long weekend!  I think it went pretty well, all things considered.  I was able to get all of my forms passed out and most returned.  I set up my classes and taught them what I expect from them and HOW I want them […]

Bus Drivers Rock

                  If you read yesterday’s blog post then you heard my frustration with our bureaucracy with our school district and specifically the bus folks.  Well I learned a lesson.  When you want to know something ask those that do instead of those that plan.  I do planning […]

Frustrated Already and It Is Only The Second Day!

          Well this didn’t take long did it?  It is only the second day and I feel as frustrated with my school district as I have ever been.  If you are a professional organization you should act like it.  I know that school districts across America are held in low regard […]