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I Am Buying Nothing!

                                                A I talked about in my last post, A Radical Thought, I said I had an idea for the coming year.  Here it is:  I am going to buy NOTHING this […]

A Radical Thought

I love Christmas.  I love the preparation, the food, the music, the family time, the parties, the time at church and, of course, the presents.  The presents, especially the presents, I mean that is what the whole day has come down to for virtually all Americans.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a capitalist and […]

Santa Pals Prep

We do a really cool thing at San Jacinto where I teach school.  We adopt several, this year 42, students who are disadvantaged, in other words may not have much of a Christmas.  Each class gets one of these little Pre K kiddos and throw a party for them, complete with presents and all.  It […]