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We are Back To All White – Thank Goodness

                        Before you call me a racist allow me to explain.  For the past two weeks my little junior high school where I teach 8th grade has been without paper.  I don’t mean low on paper, I mean OUT of PAPER.  None. Gone. Zero. […]

Students as Clients?

          WHAT IF WE TREATED OUR STUDENTS AS IF THEY WERE CUSTOMERS OR CLIENTS? So I had this idea to treat the students as clients this year, you know, like we are serving them as a business serves a customer. And then I was assigned AEP this year. AEP stands for […]

What do Students Really Want?

                                   What Do Students Want and Need? I recently was visiting with one of my colleagues who did something very powerful.  He asked the students what they wanted from him.  The above picture was one of the responses he […]

What makes a Good Teacher?

          I have been thinking about this lately, what makes a good teacher?  Is it the knowledge they have?  Is it the skill in knowing how many “strategies” they employ?  Is it being well-versed in school policy? Is it being a disciplinarian?  Is is being a funny teacher? Is it being […]

Teachers, The Break is Over – And Students Too!

This is the beginning of the year, at least for teachers and students.  While the last week may have been the beginning for others, for us in academia, this is day number one.  So I am ready, ready to get rolling on semester number two.  I am also planning on much more blogging, hope you […]

Know When It’s Time!

During the last week of the grading period will tell you all you need to know about a teacher.  It will tell you about your kids teacher, your teacher or you as a teacher.  This is when crunch time is on, when you look at your grades and decide how you will help your kids […]

Elections Have Consequences

Well America and Midland voted yesterday.  My guy and cause both lost.  Now we will see how smart the majority is.  I suspect we will not be as happy with our choices as we are today.  Mr. Obama was relected with unprecedented high unemployment and a low GDP.  Gas prices are dropping, but still almost […]

Your Great But . . . .

                    I received and email today from one of my administrators ( I have bunch of them) and it was “directed” at my lack of effectiveness in one of my classes.  It was quite interesting! It was the old crummy sandwich, if you know what I […]

Too Busy to Teach, I Mean Write

Too busy to write much today.  Mrs. Freese is out of town on official school business.  Which means I am Dad and MOM, which I am not equipped to be.  Plus, tomorrow is picture day and I don’t do hair!  But I am sure my younger daughter will come through, come on Taylor. I will […]

Your Mom Said What?

        Yesterday we had a special class that dealt with 9-11.  I thought it was a good thing to since it was the 11th anniversary of that awful day.  I gave a talk and then showed pictures and videos from that morning.  Well, some of my parents were not happy.  I talked […]