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Why I Teach!

If you ever wonder why you put up with all of the trials and tribulations of being a school teacher, then this email tells you why.  I was so blessed to receive this email from a young man I coached years ago.  Made my year! Hey Coach, How is it going? The other day when I […]

Thank God it’s Friday

Haven’t blogged this week because I have been so busy it has been almost impossible to find a spare minute, but I am still here, even after all of this: Have had several meetings this week. A few kid events. Halloween with my six year old. Four school meetings. Two church meetings. Date Night. 1000 […]

Texas Humanities is Awesome!

                I spent today at the Witte Museum in San Antonio, Texas.  Which I think is our best city in Texas.  I love San Antonio!  I was there to attend a workshop put on my Texas Humanities.  They are an incredible organization that is funded by tax payer […]

Too Busy to Teach, I Mean Write

Too busy to write much today.  Mrs. Freese is out of town on official school business.  Which means I am Dad and MOM, which I am not equipped to be.  Plus, tomorrow is picture day and I don’t do hair!  But I am sure my younger daughter will come through, come on Taylor. I will […]