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A Thought About Respect, or Lack Thereof

You know there are days when I wonder what in the heck am I wasting my time for?  I teach school for a living, yes I draw my food money from this job.  And contrary to what one principal told me, I wouldn’t do it for free.  But I also feel a “calling” to teach […]

Go Ahead, Call!

A couple of days ago I posted how it really isn’t much fun to teach any longer.  Meetings, papers, tests, discipline (lack thereof), apathy, disrespect all work together to make my chosen profession challenging.  All professions are challenging I now, but teachers are charged with duties above and beyond what we contracted for, at least […]

What makes a Good Teacher?

          I have been thinking about this lately, what makes a good teacher?  Is it the knowledge they have?  Is it the skill in knowing how many “strategies” they employ?  Is it being well-versed in school policy? Is it being a disciplinarian?  Is is being a funny teacher? Is it being […]

You Said What???

My blog, my first amendment right, my life.  What kind of dumb do you have to be to work in some jobs?  Is the main purpose of your existence to make my life more difficult?  I am convinced there are some who take pleasure in the pain of others. I don’t understand it, I don’t […]

Is Education in Trouble? Duh!

Last night I was minding my own business while shopping at Albertsons.  Missy asked me to stop on the way home from church.  I had transferred all of our money into a different account and forgot to tell her. Her card was denied when she went to the store (sorry honey) because her husband is […]

Debate? or Brawl?

Like many of you, I watched last nights debate.  As a social studies teacher it is important to know what the candidates are saying.  Plus, I love politics.  We are holding a mock election on November 6 here at school, so we have been studying the candidates.  I think it has been helpful to my […]

Fights and the Family

I started the day with the breaking up of a fight, the life of a teacher.  A girl fight, which are the worst ones.  I am amazed at how eager so many of our kids are to fight.  Why?  Where does this come from?  I am convinced it must come from the home.  Isn’t the […]

Your Great But . . . .

                    I received and email today from one of my administrators ( I have bunch of them) and it was “directed” at my lack of effectiveness in one of my classes.  It was quite interesting! It was the old crummy sandwich, if you know what I […]

Challenge Day was a Challenge!

Today I participated in an event called: Challenge Day.  I was the only teacher from our school to do so in our group yesterday. A group from California came in and spent the day with 100 of our 8th graders.  The event was aimed at our teens who are being bullied, have self-esteem issues, have […]

Give Me a Pill, I Teach 7th Grade.

                    Oh my gosh, 7th graders are, well, 7th graders.  No disrespect to my elementary school colleagues, but what happens down at the elementary school level.  Do you do everything for them and expect them to do nothing?  Really, they have to come to Junior High […]