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Saturday Morning – Tivo and Coffee

I love Saturday mornings!  As a teacher the weeks are very busy.  If you have children (we have four, one left in the house in fourth grade) it is even busier.  Play practice, church, cheer and tumbling and lots of homework is the norm for our daughter and our week.  But on Saturday, the pressures […]

Blame the Teacher

                  A New Year A new year of school is upon us and along with it, the pressure to perform.  Late nights, lots of study, making sure your work is done on time, attending your classes and receiving criticism from the administration.  NO, I’m not talking about […]

Why Does Education Run Off the Best?

Last week we lost a talented member of our faculty.  Not to the oil field (I teach in Midland, Texas and the oil field is taking lots of teachers due to the ability to make a lot of money), not to retirement, but to a place where they will feel, appreciated.  They decided to leave a […]

A Nation at Risk?

    I blogged a couple of days ago and asked the question, “Who is Running the School“?  Here are some more thoughts on the plight of our educational system today. First and foremost the school is designed to teach the students.  It is not designed to be a daycare center, a home for the […]

What do Students Really Want?

                                   What Do Students Want and Need? I recently was visiting with one of my colleagues who did something very powerful.  He asked the students what they wanted from him.  The above picture was one of the responses he […]

First Day of School

                              A New Year Well the first day came and went with little fanfare, rather smooth I think.  We do have 17 new teachers on a campus of around 45 faculty.  That is quite a high percentage of turnover.  Which got […]

The Year Begins – Goodbye Summer

The saddest day of the year is here: Convocation.  Not really, but Convocation means the end of summer and the beginning of the school year for all of the teachers here in MISD.  If you are not a teacher or college professor you may wonder what the heck Convocation is too.  It is a pep […]

Is School Too Easy?

                I came across this at the end of the year where you find, well end of the year stuff. It was another from July of 2012 on the issue of school and how easy school is today. Students were surveyed and said that much of what they […]

Why Do Teachers Quit?

I have spoken to several teachers in the last few months who are quitting the teaching profession.  I spoke with someone just yesterday who told me they too are leaving.  I have been wondering why?  Why leave a profession that you spent years to get into?  I know many sacrificed money and time to be […]

. . . I didn’t really quit!

Last week I signed off for the week with to little words: I quit!  I felt like it last week for sure.  However, I am not quitting my job as a teacher (although many days I would sure love to), but I am quitting the urge to say the things that make people feel okay, […]