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If We Can’t Expel Them, Then What Do We Do With Them?

I had the honor of subbing for one of our assistant principals yesterday at my Junior High.  I am still exhausted.  You talk about a job where you have to be all things to all people, this is it!  Sometimes our AP’s (assistant principals) have to be out and it is best to have someone […]

A Waste of Time

When I was a kid I never liked to do anything that wasn’t “fun” and my students are no different.  But I also didn’t like feeling  as if I was wasting my time, doing something that had no real meaning.  Okay I did watch Gilligan’s Island, but come on, who didn’t back in the seventies? […]

Santa Pals Prep

We do a really cool thing at San Jacinto where I teach school.  We adopt several, this year 42, students who are disadvantaged, in other words may not have much of a Christmas.  Each class gets one of these little Pre K kiddos and throw a party for them, complete with presents and all.  It […]

Guest Post

This is a guest post from yours truly. I have included my post from Purposefulu.  I spoke at the NJHS and here is the audio.  Check it out and tell me what you think.     This week on Purposefulu: This is a special podcast this time.  I was asked to speak at the National […]

Back to the Grind

I must admit my favorite part of teaching is often the time I spend away from teaching.  Sad.  But true.  I was reluctant to go back to class today as I knew what awaited me: excuses for work undone, unruly behavior, classes to cover, teachers who are so negative (sometimes me) and students.  But wait, […]

Pure Teaching

When you get into teaching you have grandiose visions of what it will be like.  You will be the one whom your students always remember and whom they want to be like and from whom they learn the most.  However, reality rarely matches one’s dreams.  But every now and then you get a glimpse of […]

Ipads and the Classroom

This week I used our new mobile Ipad cart and had mixed success.  I think the kids like the idea of using Ipads and had more fun playing with them than actually using them effectively.  I love my personal Ipad and use it for many things, but it has many more used than our school’s […]

. . . I didn’t really quit!

Last week I signed off for the week with to little words: I quit!  I felt like it last week for sure.  However, I am not quitting my job as a teacher (although many days I would sure love to), but I am quitting the urge to say the things that make people feel okay, […]

Know When It’s Time!

During the last week of the grading period will tell you all you need to know about a teacher.  It will tell you about your kids teacher, your teacher or you as a teacher.  This is when crunch time is on, when you look at your grades and decide how you will help your kids […]

Elections Have Consequences

Well America and Midland voted yesterday.  My guy and cause both lost.  Now we will see how smart the majority is.  I suspect we will not be as happy with our choices as we are today.  Mr. Obama was relected with unprecedented high unemployment and a low GDP.  Gas prices are dropping, but still almost […]