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Teaching and Discipline – Oil and Water?

I have a friend who served three tours in Vietnam.  He is an American hero and one brave man.  He was a career soldier and took pride in the Army.  He told me that in the sixties things began to change.  The army began to lower its standards and take young men who would have […]

Thank God it’s Friday

Haven’t blogged this week because I have been so busy it has been almost impossible to find a spare minute, but I am still here, even after all of this: Have had several meetings this week. A few kid events. Halloween with my six year old. Four school meetings. Two church meetings. Date Night. 1000 […]

I Love Teaching, But . . .

Let me start by saying that I love teaching.  Most days the young people I teach are agreeable, teachable and even likable.  I know it is hard to believe that a 12, 13 or 14 year old can be likable, but they are.  At least the students I interact with each day.  I like how […]

Teaching to Whom?

We have to ask ourselves to whom are we teaching? If you are a 48 year old male who thinks history is a fascinating subject isn’t that enough? It used to be. But no longer. Now we must not only educate, but entertain. I certainly do not think that we should be boring on purpose: […]

The 100,000 Person Classroom

Imagine for a moment if we could teach people in their own homes without the need for a classroom.  Imagine if we could teach people without 163 million dollar bonds, because the classrooms they needed were already built, their own homes.  In this Ted talk, professor Peter Norving shows how this can be done effectively […]

Debate? or Brawl?

Like many of you, I watched last nights debate.  As a social studies teacher it is important to know what the candidates are saying.  Plus, I love politics.  We are holding a mock election on November 6 here at school, so we have been studying the candidates.  I think it has been helpful to my […]

Happy Columbus Day

Today is Columbus day, one that we don’t celebrate anymore.  By the way, Columbus spotted land on the 11th of October and hit land on the 12th.  So I was surprised when I saw on the school calendar that we had the day off.  But upon further inspection I noticed the kids had the day […]

Teacher for a Lifetime, Principal for a Day

                Today I was the acting 7th grade AP, or assistant principal.  What a day!  I had three fights in a ten minute period.  I caught the last two fights, but not the first one.  We have a patio where the students are allowed to go outside and […]

Why Is Teaching So Full of Meetings?

I am going to complain again today, sorry.  Yesterday it was my 7th graders who were under my skin, today it is this meeting I have to attend.  I have already complained about meetings on this blog once this year and I am only in the fifth week.  Last week I attended five school meetings. […]

My First Meeting – Sort Of

Well today we started our second week, albeit a short one due to Labor Day.  Today was also picture day and that pretty well ate up the day.  However, we did to take care of some administrative tasks and I introduced what I call Current Events.  I have the kids watch a website that creates […]