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5 Technologies to Try in Classroom

Taken from the Huffington Post Don Waisanen Become a fan 5 Technologies You Should Consider Using in the Classroom Posted: 08/12/2014 3:12 pm EDT Updated: 08/12/2014 3:59 pm EDT Print Article The news this week has been replete with stories about whether or not iPads or similar devices can contribute much to students’ learning. Whatever the answers, what is clear is that online […]

                      The final countdown is on!  We have nine days of school left and I am ready.  The problem is that I gave my students a huge project and I have to grade all of this work.  What was I thinking?  I mean, I gave […]

Computers in Every Classroom

                I am sitting in my classroom watching my students work on a project.  They are TOTALLY quiet, even though I said they could visit if they needed to as they were working on a project.  I told them they had to choose a topic from several I […]

Do We Need All This Work?

              I am grading about 1000 papers this week and over the past weekend (okay, I graded one paper over the weekend, but still I graded) and I have to wonder if what I am giving them matters.  I wonder if they could do as well with less “work”. […]

Telephone Addiction

I have a class that we call advisory.  In this advisory class we allow our students to use their phones to check on their grades and look up words in the dictionary.  While I don’t mind the use of phones for academic purposes, I do loathe them when they become a way of life. Example? […]

Ipads and the Classroom

This week I used our new mobile Ipad cart and had mixed success.  I think the kids like the idea of using Ipads and had more fun playing with them than actually using them effectively.  I love my personal Ipad and use it for many things, but it has many more used than our school’s […]

The 100,000 Person Classroom

Imagine for a moment if we could teach people in their own homes without the need for a classroom.  Imagine if we could teach people without 163 million dollar bonds, because the classrooms they needed were already built, their own homes.  In this Ted talk, professor Peter Norving shows how this can be done effectively […]

Why Is Teaching So Full of Meetings?

I am going to complain again today, sorry.  Yesterday it was my 7th graders who were under my skin, today it is this meeting I have to attend.  I have already complained about meetings on this blog once this year and I am only in the fifth week.  Last week I attended five school meetings. […]

Teaching with an Ipad

  I am a teacher in need of some technology and I just received a new Ipad and it is awesome!  Well I think it is awesome, I haven’t really done that much with it,except download all of my apps.  I will say it works so well, like it is supposed to.  Unlike so many […]

How To Handle Cell Phones

Well this is one way to handle the cell phone “issue” in church.  Not sure if it is exactly “Seeker Friendly” but it may be worth a try.