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Missouri, Here I Come!

I have been eyeing some land in the Ozarks for a few years now.  I traveled to Branson, Missouri and fell in love with the Ozark Mountains.  When I got home I did some research and discovered a company that sells land in that very area,  various sizes and all over the Ozark Mountains.  I […]

St. Augustine, Florida

                  We went to St. Augustine, Florida so I could do a wedding, it was wonderful.  Here are some of the photos. Created with flickr slideshow.  

LBJ Ranch and Boyhood Home

LBJ Ranch and Boyhood Home In Johnson City and Stonewall, Texas This week I had some free time while my wife (Melissa) was doing a math camp in San Marcos, Texas, so I ventured over to visit the LBJ sites in Johnson City and Stonewall, Texas.  His boyhood home is well preserved with a great […]

What Motivates students for Abroad Education?

                This is a guest post from Alicia Roberts, you can find her at Motivation to Study Abroad The changing economy and the face of the world is encouraging many students to break free of the stereotypes. One of the best ways to do this is by pursuing […]

Summer Fun and Travel

I’m Back I am writing this in August, the middle of August, which means school! I can’t believe that we are back already. It seems like we just left for the summer and now we are back. And I’m back. I took a little blog break this summer, not by design, but by necessity. I […]

Illinois Trip This Summer

My youngest daughter joined by wife and myself this summer as we ventured to the homeland: Illinois.  We had a blast.  Here are some of the photos from our trip. We visited my cousin’s winery, A farm, My old family farm, Galena, Pictures in St. Louis, Lincoln’s home in Springfield, a state park in Missouri […]

Europe or Texas History?

                I had a meeting with a parent today.  She had emailed me and told me she wanted to visit with me about an “opportunity” her child had and wanted to talk with me.  I assumed (wrongly) that this included me doing something I didn’t have time to […]

I Am No Longer Stuck in OKC! HOME SWEET HOME!

I am camping with my wife and six year old. That was the I original plan, however, we were only supposed to camp for 2 nights and be home Wednesday. Well . . . things can change. You see we purchased a gorgeous 28 foot camper from my cousin in Illinois. He gave me such […]

Does Grandma Have a New House?

Yes she does and it is great. Last week my wife and I flew up to see my 85 year-old Grandmother who lives by herself in Lena, Illinois. We had not been up there in a while and decided it was time. She had built a new addition since we last visited and I decided […]

Tori and Daddy at Palo Duro

I forgot to post this, but we went to Palo Duro Canyon during spring break and had a blast. We went on a long hike, here is some of the video. Tori and myself almost got run over, but it was so much fun.